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gene pool, technological pool

Sunday, 4 February 2007
I think Lewis Mumford had something when he talked about:

"...a technological pool: an accumulation of tools, machines, materials, processes, interacting with soils, climates, plants, animals, human populations, institutions, cultures. The capacity of this technological reservoir, until the third quarter of the nineteenth century, was immensely greater than ever before: what is more, it was more diversified - and possibly quantitatively larger, as well as qualitatively richer- than what exists today. Not the least important part of this technological pool were the skilled craftsmen and work teams that transmitted the colossal accumulation of knowledge and skill. when they were eliminated from the system of production, that vast cultural resource was wiped out."



Blogger filambulle said...

Dear Tonia,
I came here through B's blog, then beyond utility, then finally here. I don't have much time to read thorously this blog, and get a little bit frustrated, because I am very interested in your idea, and yet cannot really come to understand what your idea is. I am wondering if a blog is the best way to present it, and/or if you should not post a short message explaining it as clearly and concisely as possible, dating this post something like 2017/12/31, so that it satys on top of your blog until the first of january, 2018.
I will come back later.
oh, I almost forgot: I love beyond utility. :)

21 May 2007 at 02:51  

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